About Us

Our team is trusted to develop
the most Specific, Complex and Challenging

Founded in 2017 by professionals with over 25 years of experience, our studio is specialized in blending Concepts, Arts and Technology into Marketing and Cultural Projects

Multidisciplinary Team

Led by experienced creatives with 25+ years, our dynamic team is committed to innovation and excellence. Specializing in design, production, logistics, and installation, we craft impactful solutions for retail, events, and hospitality, meeting market demands and cutting-edge trends.

Designers and Producers

Navigating complexity, our STRAIGHT TO THE POINT approach efficiently brings ideas to life, optimizing costs and time for exceptional ROI. Workshop and studio in one place, designers and producers in one mind, artists and technicians in one team, creatives and communicators in one heart.

International network

Over the years, our team has cultivated enduring relationships with artists, craftsmen, technicians, producers, and builders across Spain, France, Germany, and Portugal. This extensive professional network empowers our studio to seamlessly deliver services, both locally and internationally.

Crafting the Essence of Brands

With years of close collaboration with clients on diverse brand assignments such as Brand Expansion, Brand Spaces, Showrooms, Collabs, Co-Brandings, Off-site events, Team Buildings, and Press Presentations, we’ve developed a profound understanding of brand internal processes, their unique approaches, and most importantly, how to effectively meet their needs and requirements.

We Put the Cherry on Top

Renowned for dealing with the most challenging, experimental, and innovative projects, our team showcases exceptional communication, technical expertise, abundant resources, and meticulous attention to detail. Consider us the finishing touch that elevates your projects to new heights.


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Throughout three years of collaboration with Studio Delikatessen, Guillermo has shown very fine talents in the field of design, communication and production management delivering good quality on time.
We have recommended Guillermo and his team to many clients of very different kinds: institutions, constructors, production companies, design studios. The most remarkable for DHUB Museum, VIVAGYM and VINÇON.

Mitos Bermejo
Contract Manager, Tres tintas BCN
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I can ensure by my own experience of Guillermo’s skills in the field of creativity and communication. He and his team showed a very cordial, helpful and professional attitude during the production process. The work had the best feedback from our working colleagues and the public.

David Vidal
Curator Centre d'Art Santa Mònica and Proffesor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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Our constructions are quite unconventional and complex in terms of materials, shapes and techniques so the modelling of our projects demands a high knowledge and professionalism in the field.
Guillermo Laborde has been able to execute those complex jobs with quality and under very challenging scheduling.

Chief Architect at AZPA, London
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Studio Delikatessen has been implementing our projects in the field of design and construction for events and interior design for the last 11 years. Guillermo Laborde has been our partner in charge of the aesthetics for several projects for public institutions like BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL, CATALUNYA GOVERNMENT, BARCELONA REGIONAL GOVERNMENT, ALZHEIMER FOUNDATION, INSTITUTE OF CULTURE BARCELONA.

Argi Ibañez
Ambart, Barcelona
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The Projects presented were vaste, deep in concept and aesthetically impressive. By them one can infer a wide knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as enough empathy and Marketing experience to understand a Brand features and requirements.

Alberto Verdi
President at MARC ECKO Enterprises, NYC
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I had a chance and a pleasure to work with Guillermo. He is the founder and artistic director of BAF FESTIVAL. The evento lasted for more than 10 years and it was an important launch platform for emerging brands and artists

Alberto Guijarro
Director of Sala Apolo and Co-director of Primavera Sound
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He has amazing skills for conceptualization and Project development as well as production and execution, great understanding of clients’ briefings and concepts together with protocols. Together we developed many projects for Events, Retail and Audiovisual for brands such as Nike, Hurley, Sivasdescalzo, Converse, Nespresso and others.

Txemo Bardavio
Former Head of retail at Lateral-Thinking
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Guillermo Laborde is a very perfectionis professional with very high human values. Together with his team, he is always ready for action showing a positive and energetic attitude. He has successfully fulfilled creative and technical requirements for our projects of events for the AJUNTAMENT DE BARCELONA and for the DHUB BARCELONA DESIGN MUSEUM.

Maurici Ginés
Founder and CEO of Artec Studio, BCN
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He’s been working for our company since 1999 as an external collaborator for Marketing, Publicity and Corporate Event Projects for the brands like NIKE, RED BULL, NESPRESSO, LUCKY STRIKE. Guillermo is creative and innovative in concept development, but pragmatic when it comes to production and management.

Roger Planas
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Guillermo Laborde has a very special talent for material expression, being able to translate it in different creative disciplines. He is also an excellent team director, coordinator and producer, experienced and sensible.

Laia Moragrega
Visual Merchandising at Timberland, BCN
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Hereby I would like to recommend Guillermo Laborde Garcia and his company Studio Delikatessen that we’ve been collaborating with for over 4 years.

Guillermo was in charge of several creative and productive aspects of our retail spaces in the commitment of designing window displays and merchandising displays, space design.
Guillermo’s contribution brought a very fine artistic added value to our Brand Image.

Iván Escolà
CEO at Art Escudellers, Barcelona