Daria Tikhomirova

Daria Tikhomirova Art & FashionSilk Painting I Silk Design

Brand Empowered By Studio Delikatessen

Daria Tikhomirova is a Barcelona-based artist, designer and fashion brand owner that offers a unique method combining digital art and craftsmanship. This method allows producing big quantities and variety of textile products based on an original piece of art made on silk or canvas and adapted digitally for an exceptional quality of print.

Daria Tikhomirova was born in Russia in a family of artists. Her father Alexander Tikhomirov is a founder of a unique artistic style “okonopis”. The Memorial Museum of Alexander Tikhomirov in China contains a big collection of his artworks. Daria Tikhomirova continues a family tradition and acts as an ambassador of the museum.

Among Daria’s recent projects are custom-made scarves for Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Azores Portugal Event, Blagoveshchensk City Hall Anniversary.